The MSMS Alumni Association is a standing committee of the MSMS Foundation. The MSMS Alumni Association is an active group for MSMS Alumni who want to network with classmates, get information on reunions, and generally keep in touch. The association puts together alumni meetups around the country to facilitate networking.  MSMS Alumni Association also provides alumni volunteers to help with on campus activities such as speaking engagements. An MSMS Alumni is defined as anyone who attended MSMS for any length of time. If you're an alumnus, we hope you'll join our community to stay up to date on news and events as well as opportunities to help.

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Alumni Facts:

  • Top 3 career fields of alumni in Mississippi: Education, Medical, and Business
  • Top 3 career fields for all alumni: Medical, Engineering, and Education
  • Alumni business economic contributions in Mississippi: $29-63 Million annually
  • Mississippi businesses owned by alumni: 55
  • Mississippians employed by alumni-owned businesses: ~2,250
  • Mississippi Legislature ROI for MSMS Alumni: $10 for each $1 spent

*Facts based on 2015 MSMS Alumni Economic and Social Impact Survey conducted by the MSMS Foundation.