Gifts to the MSMS Foundation, no matter the size, improve the quality of life and education for MSMS student, faculty and staff, and future MSMS students through outreach. Funds are used for equipment, residential life, student activities, supplies, and camps.

Excellence Fund

The Excellence Fund, due to the flexibility, allows for the Foundation to use donations in areas with the most immediate need and is our preferred type of donation. Project examples for this fund include the purchase or repair of labratory equipmet, sponsoring students on summer research projects, renovating computer labs, purchase of textbooks, as well as program support.

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund, a restricted fund, is exclusively for the benefit of the school. All of the donation dollars received will help to supplement the school’s operating budget. Funds collected each year will be used for the most immediate needs of the school.

Room & Board Fee Assistance Fund

In 2008, the Mississippi Legislature passed house bill HB513 which initiated a room and board fee of $500 per semester for each student attending MSMS. The bill allowed for students who met the state requirements of poverty to be exempt from the fee. Unfortunately, a gap exists between the definition of poverty and the reality for some families. The alumni and past parents started a Room and Board Fee Assistance Fund to help offset the cost of the fee for these families. The fund has also helped families in poverty with required school fees. The donation dollars to this fund are restricted so all donations need to be earmarked.

Summer Enrichment Camp

The MSMS Foundation provides assistance to rising 6, 7, 8, and 9th graders to attend the MSMS Summer Enrichment Camp. These camps provide oppotunities for students to experience a high-quality academic camp.

Matching Gifts

Does your employer match your donations? The impact of your gift may be double or tripled. Many employers sponsor gift matching programs to match charitable contributions. Speak with your Human Resources director today to see if your company participates in this program. If so, get the form and complete your portion. Mail the form to us, and we will do the rest!